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August 21, 2006
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gnome buuf theme by dornenreich gnome buuf theme by dornenreich
Sorry guy's but i claim this theme as dead, because i had a stressful time in the past and I have no clue on what has changed internally in gnome, because i had changed to KDE some time ago.

Please refer to OxayotlTheGreat theme :…

i decided to make my own buuf gnome theme
it includes nearby all stock icons used by evolution and a gaim smily theme :-)
some kde apps are also included

some mime icons might need some work, because i didn't added the text as an example for the cpp file
programming text files have an another icon than the normal text files...
so i think it will be ok...

hope you like it!!
btw it' s my first theme ^^
so don' t wonder if one or another icon is not the one you have expected...

thanks for the buuf theme icons by :iconmattahan:…

RENAME the file to buuf(dot)tar(dot)gz so it should be usable through the theme manager
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Yo beotch get to work on it again, Maverick is waiting
sorry to dissapoint you, but for me i canceled this project.
dont know if you know gnome-look, there are two nice buuf (more state of the art) iconsets.

here are the links

hope these help you on you'r theming journey
bit late, but thanks
how do I install it
it should go throu the theme manager after renaming it ti [link]

but today i called my own theme as dead, becaus i dont have the time to maintain it, anny more
take a look here [link] OxayotlTheGreat done a great job in overhaulin this theme
wow a nice set
dasGewitter Apr 6, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Many of these icons are not working. The trash icon, move back, move forward for nautilus and in Epiphany, volume button, video files, music files, the list grows. I installed this from the original theme install. I'm not sure why these icons no longer are used, they're in the 128x128, but I suppose too big?

Anything you can do?
BTW an x packed file has no stripes in it but points, so you have to rename it, then I erpacked it to tar.gz then it installed
Love these icons, finaly something else
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